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Farmers crossed the legendary OG Kush with the powerful Skywalker strain, creating a balanced Hybrid known for its rich terpene profile.

Discovering the Next Best Brands

Amherst Brands is a supplier of breakout alternative brands, primarily originating from California. We're a team of industry experts and brand advisors that supply independent retailers with a unique selection of products in the hemp, herbal and pseudo-psychedelic categories.


Our Story

Co-founders, Pat Bauer and Ben Grabow, started Amherst Brands from humble beginnings in a small garage in Southern California back in 2018. Sebastien Siegels, now a Partner, joined the duo early on in Garagetopia and made it rain. Then there's Steve (also known as Sven to some) Bauer, our office dog, a rescue hailing from Bakersfield, California. He is a American Staffordshire Terrier/American Bulldog Mix. He is without a doubt the biggest asset to our group. Since the days of the garage, we've grown to partnering with 1000+ retail locations across 43 states to share a portfolio of curated brands that go above and beyond to create efficacious products with retail centricity at the core of everything they do.

Meet our team

Ben Grabow

Pat Bauer

Sebastien Siegels

We're Order Makers, Not Order Takers

Every interaction with our team is an opportunity to discuss the market, find value, and build a product strategy together. We lean into that.

Our Goal as a Partner

Our goal is to supply our retail partners with an ever-expanding selection of brands that are ahead of the industry trends. We're here to offer our expertise and unique knowledge as a resource to empower stores to make winning purchasing decisions. To provide our retail partners with exclusive access to newly launched products every month. To be transparent and efficient in our communication. To be a reliable supplier that you enjoy working with.

What To Expect When You Work With Amherst Brands

You can order with Amherst Brands in the way that's most convenient for you; phone, email, website, social. A highly capable team. Our group has been rigorously trained to be industry experts and provide useful market insight. A portfolio capable of filling your shelves. One touch point for access to a world-class selection. No need to work with 20 separate vendors. Portfolio-wide monthly promotions. Something fresh every time you reach out. We are your scouts for new products. Access to hundreds of merchandising, marketing, and educational materials to bolster your sales efforts.

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